World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Live Streaming

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World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Live Streaming

World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Live Stream

2012 World Series Tigers vs Giants Free Live Streaming Online

he Detroit Tigers take on the San Francisco Giants in the World Series in what is promising to be an epic encounter. Both teams have been fantastic at hitting and pitching this season and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. The game will be televised on FOX from 8 p.m. ET or alternatively can be watched online free through live streaming via the link below.

World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Free Live Stream

World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Free Live Stream

These two sides have only played each other 12 times since inter-league play commenced in 1997, and this game in fact marks the very first time they have ever met against each other in the postseason.

Detroit Tigers enter this game riding high in confidence after destroying the New York Yankees to get here. The Tigers beat the Yankees 4-0 in the ALCS, which allowed them ample resting time coming into this game. World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Free Live Stream

Tigers' manager Jim Leyland, however, has dismissed any such concerns of a repeat of 2006: "We ran into bad weather problems in Detroit, so we were really handicapped," he said of his 2006 team. "So this time we've done some things to try to keep us from being idle for four or five days. I definitely think it affected the last World Series."

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World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Free Live Stream We were all expecting the Detroit Tigers to win or at least keep it close in game 1. Wrong! Verlander gave up 5 runs. Sandoval was able to hit two home runs early in the game to give them the lead. Final score was 8 - 3, Giants winning. We expected Zito to give up the early runs but he did pretty well, pitching for 6 innings giving up 6 hits and only 1 run. His ERA was 1.59 while Verlander's was 11.25. We also got to see Lincecum in almost 3 innings of pitching. He struck out 5 and didn't give up a single hit.

World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Free Live Stream Giants have pretty much dominated their last few games. They continue to hit the ball well and Scutaro is still on fire. He went 2 - 4 with 2 RBIs.Pence not so good and was struck out 3 times, same with Blanco.

So, you want to live-stream the World Series online but are afraid to traverse through the spyware-laden popups and questionable legality of the back alleys of the Internet.

Well, sorry. You don't really have a choice.

For the fourth year running, offered its package for customers in the US and Canada to watch most of the playoff action for the pretty reasonable price of $4.99. The keyword here is most. The package included both Wild Card match-ups, the entire Division Series, and the ALCS; a maximum of 19 games for just a fiver. Not bad, except for the whole completely omitting two entire series thing.

Those series -- the NLCS and the World Series -- are broadcast by FOX. That FOX does not allow for some form of live streaming of their baseball broadcasts in 2012 is a confounding, sad and true fact of life. They are planning to get rid of their blackout policy in 2014, but you don't care about 2014 right now.

So, what are your options? Well, you could finally make friends with your TV-owning neighbors or trek down to your local sports bar. And there's always moving out of the country (except Canada) for the week, where the blackout restrictions magically disappear. But then you'd have to shell over $24.99 for the international postseason package, which is far too much to pay to listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Free Live Stream Of course, if you're brave enough, you could always try your hand at one of those back alleys. I know next to nothing about how the Internet actually functions, but I hear there's a method to fool your computer into thinking you're in Kenya when you're actually in Iowa. It apparently involves tunneling bears. I also know a guy named Justin who does some TV stuff if proxies aren't your thing.World Series 2012 Tigers vs Giants Free Live Stream